Antoine Masuyer - Scraping & Reverse Engineering Expert


I made a lot of projects, but most of them are under NDA. However i'm trying to open source some of my work.

Public Portfolio

Project NameDescriptionLanguageStatus
WhiteOps ToolkitCollection of tools that helps to bypass WhiteOps/Human antibot.Typescript/JavascriptFinished
Android Fingerprint CollectorA simple android app that collects fingerprint from a device and save them to a databaseTypescript (React Native)WIP
Python Stealth RequestsPython library that spoof TLS and HTTP2 fingerprintPythonWIP
RatVerse WebsiteFrontend and Backend for the website of the RatVerse NFT ProjectTypescript (React)WIP

Private Portfolio

Project NameDescriptionLanguageStatus
No SeleniumCustom Spotify Client using the Spotify mobile API fully reverse engineered.TypescriptWIP
OpinionShiftA twitter automation botTypescriptWIP
Nike Sneakers BotNike automation bot to cope sneakersTypescriptWIP
SimkheysA SMS sending network that uses SIM800C USB modules.Typescript/PythonFinished
PumpBotA cryptocurrency pump-and-dump exploitation toolTypescriptFinished
Discord Account GeneratorA puppeteer bot to generate discord accountsTypescriptFinished
SoundCloud ScraperSimple python script to scrape albums and songs from SoundCloudPythonFinished
Music Distributor BotAutomation bot to generate albums and upload them to various music distributor (Distrokid, United Masters, Routenote)TypescriptFinished
My Dropshipping CompanionAn abandoned project that was supposed to help dropshippers to manage their business (after sale service, mailing, shipments trackings...)TypescriptCancelled
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